General utility functions (dqa.utils)#

Utility functions for DQA

class dqa.utils.Timer#





CLASSIFICATION = 'Classification'#
LOAD_CSV = 'Loading CSV data'#
SPLIT_DATA = 'Splitting data'#
TOTAL = 'Total'#
TRAIN_CLASSIFIER = 'Training classifier'#
TRAIN_PIPELINE = 'Training pipeline'#
static reset()#
static start(key)#
started = {}#
static stop(key)#
times = {}#
dqa.utils.auto_convert(x: str) Union[int, float, str]#

Automatically converts a string into int or float. If it does not work, then the string will be returned. :param x: A string that possibly contains a number. :return: The number as int or float.


Converts a dictionary of arrays to a pandas data frame by first extending all entries to the maximum length. :param input_dict: Dictionary containing numpy arrays. :return: A dataframe containing the same data.

dqa.utils.ensure_list(obj: Any) list#

Returns obj if it is already a list and [obj] otherwise.

dqa.utils.ensure_list_or_none(obj: Any) Optional[list]#

Returns obj if it is already a list or None and [obj] otherwise.

dqa.utils.equal_general(a, b)#

Checks if a and b are equal. This especially applies to nested structures of lists and dictionaries of numpy arrays.

dqa.utils.filename_without_ending(filename: str) str#

Returns the filename without the ending from an entire path.

dqa.utils.get_class(class_name: str) type#

Returns a class from a given module.classname notion. :param class_name: module.classname :return: The type object referring to the class.

dqa.utils.get_classes_of_module(module_name: str) List[type]#

Lists all classes in a specified module :param module_name: Name of the module. :return: List containing all classes.

dqa.utils.in_out_names_list(input_name: Union[str, List[str]], output_name: Optional[Union[str, List[str]]] = None)#

Converts input and output names into lists of equal length as it is used in tasks. :param input_name: The input names as a list or a single string. :param output_name: The output names as a list or a single string. :return: Tuple containing the resulting input and output name list.

dqa.utils.init_logging(level=20, log_directory='.')#

Initializes basic logging functions. Results will be logged to a file and to the standard output.


Checks if any of the entries in value are nan. The input can be of any type or an array with various types.